Our unparalleled market strength, resources, relationships and principles set us apart from everyone else.

Our global procurement partners ensure we have access to sustainably sourced raw material from around the world, and are committed to our vision of protecting the wild fish stocks for future generations.

Unparalleled market strength

Our team has a unique strength in manufacturing products for specific customers. Our team have over twenty five years experience of producing IQF, Breaded and Battered fish products for the leading foodservice companies in the UK and Europe.

Vast stocks of raw material

We have the range of raw material which allows us to produce quality fish products to suit our customers exacting requirements.

We have a unique relationship with arguably one of the worlds largest sources of cod, haddock and plaice…… Iceland. As a sister company to Iceland Seafoods International we can utilise this source of raw material or buy internationally ourselves. The quality of the fish we can source is excellent and the quantity ensures we never run short.

Our buyers have contacts throughout the white fish industry around the world. They are able to speak directly to key people in the supply chain to ensure volume requirements are met without compromising on quality or management of wild fish stocks.