A fish company based on experience and located in the heart of the United Kingdom fishing industry.

A wealth of knowledge, a history of making fish products, experience and dedication over many years… this is what you find at Havelok. From the early days in the centre of Grimsby next to the old market, to the brand new Grade 1 BRC approved factory on the outskirts of Grimsby – you are safe in the knowledge that the product you buy from Havelok ticks every box.

The experience of the staff, from procurement to packed product is second to none. Attention to detail and a dedicated service to the customer is of paramount importance. We pride ourselves on delivering our customer’s expectations every time.

A dedicated Foodservice production facility in the heart of Grimsby.

Why should you buy frozen fish?


Fish begins to decline in quality immediately after catching so freezing soon after catch locks in the freshness.

Frozen at Sea fish is caught at its peak of quality and frozen within 4 hours of catch on board the ship to ensure the absolute peak of quality.

Fish caught in local waters and landed at mainland UK ports is usually sold at market and transported to processors on the same day. It is then usually frozen and processed within 8 hours to give the optimum quality.

It really does mean that where fish is concerned, frozen fish is a food that can be best frozen!